Multi Skin Test Center MC 750

Multi Skin Test Center MC 750

Multifunction device for dermo-cosmetic skin analysis that allows you to create your own measurement system by selecting probes of your choice. The basic system consists of measurement of skin hydratation and oil (sebum) content assessment on skin and hair.
The device is operated with supporting sophisticate and attractive software that requires installation on your computer. The software allows individual recommendation of the appropriate skin care and creation of data base.

Some of the models of the device include:

Model A1 –housing equipped with probes to determine hydratation and oil (sebum) level of the skin.

Model B1 –Like A1 model + probe to determine elastic properties of the skin.

Model B2 set – housing equipped with probes to determine the level of hydratation, oil (sebum) content, elastic properties of the skin, skin pigmentation and redness (erythema) and optional with Visioscope PC35 skin camera (with cross and parallel polarized light).