APM PRO 300 Skin&Hair

Add innovation to innovation

The latest model, even clearer pictures, more accurate. It will satisfy your customers with better performance than most traditional ones.

What makes the APM PRO possible?

Specifying the following parameters:

  • hydration (moisture) of the skin
  • fat (sebum) assessment of sebum content on the skin
  • pores – detection of enlarged pores and their analysis
  • melanin
  • pore cleanliness (porphyrin bacteria)
  • wrinkle
  • skin sensitivity
  • hair loss status
  • scalp status
  • hair density
  • keratin
  • sensitivity
  • hair thickness
  • hair follicle status
  • cuticle

APM 202

X60 NL, X60 PL

APM 203


APM 204

X500, X1500(Crop)