The South Korean company PIE is a world leader in the production of devices for skin analysis using a full-face photo. Introducing Focuskin’s specialized facial skin analyzer that uses state-of- the-art technology.

Functional characteristics such as adaptive LED light, 2000 mega pixel camera, automatic update and a large database thanks to which the quality of the analysis is constantly improved, make the analyzer extremely operational. The device also has an internal sterilization function, so clients can feel safe during imaging.

Thanks to 3D smart technology, Focuskin can analyze 11 parameters simultaneously:
1. pores
2. wrinkles
3. elasticity
4. skin tone
5. hydration
6. pigment changes/melanin
7. redness
8. shine
9. UV pigmentation
10. sebum
11. porphyrins

In addition to the mentioned parameters, with the help of the Focuskin device, you can analyze the symmetry of the left and right sides of the face.

The obtained result is reliable, and the intuitive user interface shows the entire measurement results in detail, with the display of each parameter individually and in comparison with the average age group. Based on the results of the analysis, you approach each client individually when choosing treatment and personal care. You show the achieved effects with the help of comparative analysis. The client can download the report by simply scanning the QR code or save it in their personal Focuskin application.

Smart PIE
automatic face recognition(PFR-2)